Adventures of Batman and Robin with Chris Sims (War Rocket Ajax)

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Adventures of Batman and Robin with Chris Sims (War Rocket Ajax)

Batman the Animated Series is apparently a huge part of a ton of childhoods. Except mine, because I somehow kept missing it. But from giving characters much better back stories to creating a few characters that we couldn’t imagine not having today to just being objectively awesome, it’s an important part of today’s Batman culture.

So of course it had a game to go with it. You know, besides the Gameboy title that it actually shared a name with the series. Listen in as Chris Sims from War Rocket Ajax, The ISB, and writer of some Marvel things comes to talk about a wonderful pair of Batman games, and a few others that exist.

Learn such things as:

  • What secret history do Chris and Chris have?
  • How influential was this series to both Batman and animation in general?
  • What episodes does Batmanologist Chris Sims recommend from the animated series?
    • Heart of Ice
    • Beware the Gray Ghost
    • The Forgotten
    • Shadow of the Bat
    • Two-Face
    • The Man Who Killed Batman
  • That lost episode of the animated series? You can check it out all in one shot.
  • And much more!

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Music by Best Day, who still hadn’t called me out for talking over his music but I’m still going to apologize because I feel bad about it.

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