Season 1 – The Worst Teams For Each Franchise Ever

FLB Inaugural Season TeamsFor this initial season of Fake League Baseball we’ll be looking at the worst season for each current franchise by winning percentage. I pulled this information from baseball reference. Every team for this fake season has been placed in the league and division where they can be found in the real world, as much as it pains me to not have Milwaukee and Houston switch leagues so they can be back where they belong.

Out of the Park uses the logic and strategy of a specific year for managing the computer controlled teams.  After consulting the great random number generator picking between 1883 and 2013 (the least and most recent years represented by the teams in this league) we’ve settled on using 1980 logic and strategy.

Due to teams relocating and changing names some of the teams here might not be what you’d expect. Throughout the season I’ll be referring to the teams with the name they used in their worst season. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, here are the teams we’ll be looking at along with what current team they’re representing if it’s different from the current team.

You might notice that there are some repeat team names up there. Baseball is weird, I don’t really have any explanation for that besides people trying to pick up the tradition and history of a team that had already existed when a new team pops up.

Be ready for episodes to start dropping around March 26th, the opening of the real life 2020 MBL season. There will probably be a preseason episode or two before we start diving into game stuff.

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