What Do Big Names Owe Me

I ask a good number of big name people to come on the other show, Play Comics. Most of them get back to me. But do they owe me anything? And how is that effected by living in a world where the internet can quickly change the popular opinion of someone who’s livelihood depends on people liking their work enough to pay money for it?

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Wrong Numbers

I love wrong numbers. Not really, because when they happen at work it’s almost always because someone thinks they got a call from me and they’re calling back to see why I’m calling them.

But why? This makes no sense to me at all. Does it make any sense to you? And why don’t they believe me when I say who I am? It’s all just weird.

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Scottye Moore, Future World Record Holder?

Sometimes people just go crazy and decide they want to be on more podcasts than me. Which is fine, I don’t hold grudges. Scottye Moore is one of those people. Seriously, the dude is trying to be on the most podcasts in a single year. Like EVER. And that’s just insane. Listen in as two people who have literally never talked to each other before in their entire lives outside of Twitter messages sound like they’ve been friends for a long time.

If you want to hear more from Scottye then check out the BS Network or just follow on Twitter @Scottyemo. If you have a podcast maybe you should get him on it as well.

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