Crazy Podcast Sponsors

Let’s take a bit of a detour into the crazy world of podcast sponsorship. I got an email from someone asking about being a sponsor on one of my other podcasts, Play Comics, and if you’re in the podcasting world you probably know pretty much exactly what it said. But you should listen to this episode anyway. If you’re not in this world, take this as a look behind the curtain.

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Splyt From the Internet

You know how some things just disappear on the internet? Yeah, it sucks. Despite what everyone has told you it seems that sometimes stuff can just disappear forever. Like this band Splyt that I found a few songs from on the old Pure Volume site. Two songs, many years, zero answers. And that sucks because I want to hear more.

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Andrew is a Dirty Enabler

A bit on how Chris got into comics, what his self inflicted rules were for what he was allowed to buy, and how his stupid friend Andrew threw all those rules out the window because of stupid reasons like “This series is so good” and “I know you’re going to love it” and things like that.

Andrew Young from 4 Panel and Literary Loitering, you’re a dirty enabler!

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Lessons From My Father

Chris takes an episode to wish his dad a happy birthday and to tell everyone here some of the life lessons that he learned from his dad. It’s really not as mushy as he’s making it out to be, promise.

Yeah, maybe a weird thing for a first real episode. Oh well, with the timing here it had to be done.

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