X-Men vs Street Fighter with Chris Sims (The ISB)

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X-Men vs Street Fighter with Chris Sims (The ISB)

Alright, things are really starting to creep closer and closer to Marvel vs Capcom with a game that finally introduces the concept of Marvel characters fighting against people from a whole different universe. Plus a dose of Japan getting an amazing game that didn’t come out over here and there’s reason why and I’m not salty about that at all. Nope, not one bit.

Listen in as Chris Sims from The ISB comes to talk about X-Men vs Street Fighter and we geek out about X-Men and Street Fighter and fighting games in general.

Learn such things as:

  • What bad things can you even say about X-Men vs Street Fighter?
  • Why does this crossover just make so much sense?
  • How come Japan gets the good home version of this game? Oh, because they actually supported the Saturn unlike some people in charge at Sega over here.
  • And so much more!

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