Asterix and the Great Rescue with Matt Sanderson and Kayleigh Osborne

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Asterix and the Great Rescue with Matt Sanderson and Kayleigh Osborne

Apparently Asterix is a big deal. Who knew? Chris didn’t, that’s for sure. Good thing we have Kayleigh and Matt Sanderson coming back to let us know about the Gaul village that just might have something up their sleeve when it comes to defeating those pesky Romans.

Learn such things as:

  • What exactly is going on with this comic? Really, Chris has no idea.
  • What games did we miss out on that Europe got?
  • How historically accurate is this thing anyway?
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode include page 32 of Super Game Power (a Brazilian gaming magazine) and that article from The Telegraph that Matt brings up a few times.

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You can find Matt at Nooks and Crannies, or at Nooksandcranniespod at gmail. You can also hear him here on the Captain America and The Avengers episode.

Thanks to Michael Bailey of Fortress of Baileytude for that sweet sweet intro drop.

A big thanks to Megan and RJ from Oh No! Lit Class as well as Derek from The Sometimes Geek for the promos today.

Music by Best Day, who is probably a better guitar player than me.

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