On a Break

No special messages this time or anything, the show is simply going on a break. Not sure for how longs.

I know that sounds ominous, but it’s really not that bad. Kayleigh and I are going into hyperdrive in our quest to get the house we’re going to die in. Not that I think the death part is going to happen anytime soon but I’m sick of moving. Part of this though means that I’ll have to take the time that would normally go towards getting the podcast ready to instead get the house ready to sell. Years of flea market trips and just general not keeping up with things to the level that a proper Southern home should be kept up with means that we’ve got some work to do.

So like I said, no set timetable on when Play Comics will be back. Could be after we’re in the new house. Could be before then if we get this place ready to go fast enough. We’ll see.

Patreon Episodes are still going on as normal because I have enough of those recorded to last a few months. Plus I can probably sneak in a recording there and be fine. Although if I need to do that then we have bigger problems with getting into the new house than I originally thought so I really hope that doesn’t happen.

If you need to get your fix of comic or video game podcasts then I suggest taking a look at the Past Guess page and finding someone from there. If they have a link by their name then they have a podcast that I think you should check out. Or at least something that I think you should check out. And if you really want to hear my voice but can’t make up your mind about which episode to go back to, I’ve got a random episode link set up so you can just see what happens there.

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