Super Slasher with Luke Herr (Mutliversal Q/RPG Pals Club/Exiled)

Luke Herr from Exiled, Multiversal Q, and RPG Pals Club comes by the show to talk about his comic Super Slasher. Luke is great and I really love everything I’ve seen from him and I don’t expect Super Slasher to be any different.

If Super Slasher sounds like something you want to get your hands on then go visit the Super Slasher Kickstarter and give him your money. I already did so you can’t pressure me with the same tactics.

You can find Luke over on Exiled, Multiversal Q, and RPG Pals Club. Or catch him on Twitter @koltreg.

Also if you’re looking at this on the Play Comics website then you’re definitely seeing a page from the comic that Luke sent over to me. Not sure about anywhere else. Or, you know, you could just support the Kickstarter and get a lot of pages in your mailbox at a future date instead of continually looking at this one which really doesn’t have much context just sitting out there by itself like that.

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