Men In Black With Chris Chávez And Cody Wagner (Believer Skeptic Podcast)

Aliens. It’s not just a meme, it’s an entire government cover up spanning years and years of extra terrestrial interactions and communications. Or it’s a giant load of crap. I don’t know, I’m not a fancy science guy with a fancy security clearance.

That’s where Chris and Cody from Believer Skeptic Podcast come in. Listen in as these two experts (or at least much more of an expert then I am) in the paranormal come on the show to talk about Men in Black, and a bit about men in black.

Learn such things as:

  • Oh shit there might really be men in black?
  • Is this the shortest comic series we’ll cover on the show?
  • Thing 3
  • And so much more!

If you want a more factual look at the Men in Black, like the real ones, be sure to check out Episode 53 – Back to (Men in) Black on the Believer Skeptic podcast.

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A big thanks to Dan and Jake from DC Supersons, as well as everyone from This Planet Needs a Name for the promos today.

Music by Best Day, who makes sure to take all the corner pieces from the brownie pan.

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