April Fool’s Bonus:Alien 3 with Keith Gawla (Pop Up Film Cast)

A lot of you (and by that I mean at least 1 person) has asked if I’d ever look at the Alien franchise. This is as close as I’ll get since the movie clearly came first and didn’t get made with the comic in mind. But you asked for it, and there are comics. So why not?

Keith Gawla from Pop Up Film Cast (@PopUpFilmCast on Twitter) comes by to continue ridiculing me for my horrible appearance on his show.

Learn such things as:

  • How old do Chris and Keith think each other are?
  • Did Chris actually watch this movie?
  • Is this the one time where the Game Gear version is playable?
  • And so much more!

A big thanks to Derek from Rolling Misadventures and Charles from Talk N Roll for playing along with promos to their old shows. Be sure to check out their new stuff.

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