Justice League Task Force with Paul Combs (Nooks and Crannies)

The Justice League has some of the most iconic characters that comics have ever known. But what happens when you take a super hero super group and branch off from that?

Paul Combs stops by the show to take a look at the offshoot of the offshoot of a team up. Yeah, that’s nowhere near the most convoluted part.

Learn such things as:

  • How do you explain a team of super heroes fighting each other?
  • Which other characters could have even gotten into this game?
  • What real life city was cool enough to get named?
  • And much more!

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Thanks to Matt Hocker from The Matt Hocker Show for that sweet sweet intro drop.

A big thanks to Kate from Ignorance Was Bliss as well as John and Kenrick from Spoiler Country for the promos today.

Music by Best Day, who lets other people win once in a while unlike TOM FUCKING BRADY.

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