Cadillacs and Dinosaurs with Kelsey and Torey

Cars! Dinosaurs! It’s every little kid’s dream! Come listen as Kelsey and Torey from all your favorite podcasting groups on Facebook join the show to talk about Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Learn such things as:

  • Why have we never heard of this comic?
  • What famous person worked on the game?
  • How bad was the cartoon anyway?
  • And so much more!

If you’re seeing this then you get to know that WE HAVE A PATREON! Check it out and have a hand in supporting the show. Or if you don’t like Patreon there are other options as well.

You can find Play Comics @playcomicscast on Twitter and in the Play Comics Podcast Fan Group on Facebook.

You can find Kelsey and Torey hanging out in the Karen & Ellen Roomies group on Facebook, or they also asked me to drop a link to Hutchinstruttin.

Thanks to Roger Reichardt of Gamerheads for that sweet sweet intro drop.

A big thanks to Derek from Rolling Misadventures as well as Katy from Kakebytes for the promos today.

Music by Best Day, who makes better music than Bjork. But then again, who doesn’t?

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