X-Men Arcade with John Horsley and Kenric Regan

The X-Men return with an arcade game that came to home consoles a mere 18 years later based on a cartoon pilot that eventually became our beloved 90s X-Men cartoon. Listen as Chris is joined by John Horsley and Kenric Reagan of Spoiler Country take a look at this gem of the 90s arcade world.

Learn such things as:

  • What happens when you base a game on a show that barely exists? (Yeah, I know we said this last time. It still applies.)
  • Which guest had an unfair advantage when it came to arcade playing cash?
  • Who really deserves to be remembered better from the playable roster?
  • The Stan Lee interviews that we talk about? They’re real! Jim Lee and Chris Claremont
  • And so much more!

BREAKING NEWS!: I love Twitter and its ability to quickly find information. Thanks to @KingImpulse for putting out the call to see who did the sweet sweet art for the X-Men cabinet, to @barelysushi@calamityjon@juggergrim@Gojira007X, and @talestoenrage for answering that call, and to @rusty_shackles for actually figuring it out. Check out his tweet here and bask in all of it’s glory!

If I missed anyone then just know that these shownotes were written up the Thursday before this episode released, so you probably just answered after I wrote them. But know that I think you’re super cool as well.

And now back to your regularly scheduled show notes.

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Music by Best Day, who makes music almost as good as my Brussels sprouts.

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