Batman and Robin with Billy (CommanderCast)

Batman and Robin is the last of the 1990s Batman movies, and maybe for good reason. The movie was not all too well received. It didn’t really fit the tone of the preview two 90s Batman movies. And yet it still had a game come out for it. A year after the movie, but it still happened.

Listen in as Chris and guest Billy from CommanderCast admit that this is their favorite of the 90s Batman movies and take a look at the tie in game that came with it.

Learn such things as:

  • How in the world can this be anyone’s favorite of the old Batman movies?
  • What classic game should have been forgotten about instead of replicated when making the game?
  • Is it even possible to have too many puns?
  • And much more!

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Music by Best Day, who would get some stickers sent to him if he just asked. As would anyone else. Seriously.

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